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Frequently Asked Questions About our Personalized Children's Music CDs

  • What is "Sea Animal Adventures?"

"Sea Animal Adventures" is a CD of personalized children's music. The entire album of songs follows a theme about sea animals; mostly sea animals of the South Carolina coast. The album is educational, entertaining, and inspiring. The songs on this CD constantly (and tastefully) draw children into the music as they hear their name sung throughout each song. If you listen to the samples on the Home page you'll see what we mean.  

  • How many songs are on the CD?

There are 8 songs on the Sea Animal Adventures CD, (9 songs if ordering the special Birthday edition.) All of the songs are original compositions and recordings like you've never heard before! 30 minutes of personalized music!

  • Will my child like these songs?

Yes! These songs are fun to listen to. We have had an outstanding response from our customers telling us how happy these songs make their children. We tested children’s responses to the songs before we recorded them. Recently, we were delighted to find an elementary school was including some of the songs from the Sea Animal Adventures CD in their musical presentations, further demonstrating the educational value of the music on this album. Personalized music can have a tremendous positive effect on a child. These songs will entertain and are educational. They can give a big boost in the self esteem of your child as they hear their name sung along with the characters in the song.

  • How many different names do you have?

We have over 2000 names on our list for you to choose from. You will find them on the "ordering page." Also, we are adding names everyday. And we can customize songs for you. Because ChildsPlayMusic owns its studio we have a tremendous amount of flexibility. You won't have to wait for us to book studio time to record a song for that special child in your life.

  • What if the name I want is not on the list?

Do you have a child with a name that is hard to find? No problem, we will record the name for you. We consider those names custom orders. The price of a custom order is $29.95.

  • How is the Special Birthday Edition different from the regular version of "Sea Animal Adventures?"

 The first song on the "Special Birthday Edition of Sea Animal Adventures" is "The Danny the Dancing Dolphin Birthday Song." Children really do like the birthday song. Some parents have actually told us that their child keeps listening to that song over and over again. This song is not included on the regular version of "Sea Animal Adventures."

  • Do you take VISA, Mastercard, and Discover?

Currently, we are only taking orders by check.

  • What ages are these songs suited for?

These songs are recommended for children from ages 1-10. Believe it or not we have actually noticed that all ages enjoy these songs. The lyrics and music were written to appeal to young children, and we have given very careful consideration to the musical arrangements of each song. We recorded each instrument live in the studio using very accomplished, professional musicians. 

  • What kind of songs are these?

These songs are "Pop" songs for young children. They range from rock, folk, calypso, to country. They range from funny and entertaining, to mellow and soothing. They all contain subtle messages of good friendship. Think along the lines of Jimmy Buffet’s calypso sound and James Taylor’s acoustic style and you’re getting close to the style of this album. The lyrics are written so that even adults will find them pleasing. The lyrical style is like Peter, Paul and Mary’s “Puff the Magic Dragon,” or Kenny Loggin’s “House at Pooh Corner.” Bring those classics up to date with more current musical arrangements and you’ll have an idea of the styles found on “Sea Animal Adventures.”

  • How are these songs recorded?

Every personalized “Sea Animal Adventure” album is sung one name at a time in a state of the art recording studio in Charleston, SC. The songs are scrutinized, mixed (sound levels balanced) and digitally mastered to provide the highest sound quality possible. The musicians and instruments on this album are real. This gives the music a real human feel. Each instrument you hear is played by a professional musician. They all come from high profile musical backgrounds.

  • How long does shipping take?

We usually ship everything within 24hrs.

  • What names do you have?

The “Sea Animal Adventures” CD is brand new and we are recording names every day. When an order is placed that name takes priority.

  • Can you record more than one name on a CD?

We will gladly customize personalized CDs for you. This includes recording several names on one CD, or recording that special name that may not appear on our list. Custom orders are $29.95 for the first copy and $9.95 for each additional copy. Please be sure to indicate how you would like for us to personalize your custom CD in the "special instructions" box on the Order Page of our web site. Feel free to contact us directly by phone to discuss your order at (843) 819-3333. If we don't answer immediately we are probably in the studio recording, and we will contact you within a couple of hours.

  • Do you take C.O.D.s?

Sorry, no C.O.D.s

  • What type of warranty do your products have?

All Sales are final. Our products do carry a 30 day warranty: If for any reason a CD malfunctions, please let us know. We will correct the problem and send a new CD to the same address without any additional cost you. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We want your business in the future and want you to be able to recommend us to others.