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“‘Bella the Baby Blue Whale’ Captures the Heart of a Child” by Ty Curtis

Friday, March 19th, 2010

She is the largest creature on the planet. At birth she is 25 feet in length, and she weighs more than 3 tons. This makes her the biggest baby in the history of life. This baby drinks 100 gallons of mother’s milk each day. She gains 200 pounds, and increases in length 1 and a half inches per day. When she is full-grown she will top 90 feet in length, and weigh more than 150 tons. When it comes to size, the blue whale is the largest animal to have ever lived. It is also the loudest. It has the ability to make sounds as loud as 188 decibels. That is louder than a jet engine, which can be as loud as 140 decibels. When it exhales, it blasts a spout of water 30 feet into the air!

What better character to captivate a child’s imagination. That is what Ty Curtis was thinking when he composed the song called “Bella the Baby Blue Whale.” This would be the most complex song on the “Sea Animal Adventures” CD, an album of children’s personalized music. This was one of those songs where fantasy meets a hearty dose of personification. In this song, the infant blue whale named Bella has that same basic driving, emotional force that all children have; the desire to play.

Bella is one of the main characters in the song, but the other main character is the child whose name is being sung in this song. The recipient of this personalized CD of children’s songs becomes the captain of a wooden ship with billowed sails, filled by the wind. The captain searches for Bella, and lets the seafaring crew of playmates spend time with the baby blue whale. Bella’s large size serves to emphasize her bigger-than-life love that she has for playing with her friends. When it is time to go back home the captain calls to the crew. As they leave to return home, Bella waves farewell with her giant blue tail.

Because of its slow, dreamy melody, “Bella the Baby Blue Whale” easily doubles as a lullaby. Also, since many children use “Sea Animal Adventures” for an easy-listening bedtime CD, it was not a coincidence that Curtis placed this song near the conclusion of the album. This song was intended to help children “calm down,” while still holding their attention with a musically interesting story.

The musical instruments chosen for this song further contribute to its dreamy attitude. A fretless bass guitar solo was used near the conclusion of this string-laden song to imply Bella’s large size. The instrument almost has a liquid quality to it, which makes it flow beautifully in this song. The soft, accurate vocals of Emily Curtis, Ty’s then 13-year-old daughter, were also incorporated in the song. Her velvety voice, singing rounds of overlapping melodies infuse yet another layer of peaceful intricacies to the musical arrangement.

Together, all of the pieces unite to create a calm, beautiful song. “Bella the Baby Blue Whale” is a melody that moves children beyond the cares of the day, and lets them relax and enjoy a gentle sea animal adventure.

Copyright 2010, Tyson A. Curtis

“Personalized Children’s Music Can Be Helpful for Children Who Don’t Like Their Name” by Ty Curtis

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

I have been writing and recording personalized children’s music for a few years now. It has been exciting to say the least. Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the this business is seeing the different names that are ordered on a day to day basis. Sure, the largest part of the names ordered are the names you would expect; names such as Hannah, Emma, John, etc. Those are very common names. But then there are a group of names that we call the special order names, or custom names. These are children with first names like Elizabeth-Ann, Mary-Liz, Anne-Smith, or James-Breelin. Those names are not the typical names that you would find in a group of five hundred or so people. Those names are the ones that are composed of two or more names.

Then there is another group of names that are special order names. These are the names that are fairly unique, or would not occur on a list of over a thousand names. These names are sometimes as unique as the passwords that you have to create these days for a bank account. I recall one day I received a custom order for a child’s name to be used in a personalized children’s music album. I will not disclose the name of the child because I am quite certain that no one else on the planet has the same name. I remember asking the parent how they came up with the name for their son. The mom told me that she wanted to name her child after herself, but when she gave birth to a boy instead of a girl it threw a monkey wrench into her plans. After thinking about it for a while, she said that she decided to reverse the letters in her name and let that be the name of her son! 

That brings us to the main reason for this article. Some children are not as confident in themselves as other children are. Some children just lack self-esteem. For those children, an unusual name can add to the weight of a low self-image. There are some children who feel almost victimized by the name they were given. I bet some of you may remember that old Johnny Cash song called “A Boy Named Sue.” That song was about a boy who hated his name. Not only did he dislike his name, but the song also talks about how he was picked on by other kids and taunted about his name. When a child’s name is “a bit on the unusual side,” the child may feel a little less than sure about how others perceive it. That is the perfect time to show the child how cool their unusual name really is. “How can I do this?” you may ask. Well, personalized children’s music would be an excellent way to show a child how special their name is. In our songs at we embed the child’s name at just the right moment in each song. The music doesn’t sound phony or contrived. The songs are really cool sounding, and the words to the songs are well thought up lyrics. (When your children are in their formative years you don’t want them to be bombarded with mediocrity, and we don’t either.) That is why we take the time to get our songs right. The songs are so catchy that your child will be singing along with the tunes in no time. In many instances the children get so excited about hearing their name in the songs they want to let others listen to their album of personalized music. You don’t have to take my word for it. Read comments from our customers.

This music can definitely useful in helping a child feel good about his or her name. We have found that even parents find themselves singing along. The next time you want to give a gift to a child who has an unusual name, personalized children’s songs might be just the right inexpensive gift with most value for the child.

Check out the music samples today at We think you will like what you hear.