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“You and Me and a Manatee” by Ty Curtis

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Ty Curtis

It was long days of summer at Garden City Beach, South Carolina. Sixteen-year-old Emily Curtis had gone on vacation there with her friend, Avery Ivey. One morning while she was there, Emily walked down to the small dock behind the house. As she sat there taking in the peaceful sights and sounds of the marsh, something very unexpected happened. An animal about the size of a couch came to the top of the water about five feet away from her. The brownish-gray animal blew out, took a deep breath in, and then disappeared almost as quickly as it came. Startled, Emily scurried 20 yards before she began to realize what had just happened. She had encountered a curious, friendly manatee. She was so thrilled about what had happened that she called to tell me about it.

What Emily had just witnessed that day was a pretty uncommon occurrence. Although manatees inhabit South Carolina, they usually are more often seen in the southern coastal parts of the state. Manatees typically inhabit warm, shallow, coastal rivers and creeks. They can live in fresh or salt water. They are herbivores, and they eat many different types of plants and algae. A mature manatee will regularly eat up to 150 lbs of plants each day. The rivers in the northern part of South Carolina can get chilly in the winter, slowing the growth of food for the Manatees. That’s the reason you will find more manatees inhabiting the warmer rivers of Florida.

Because of the Manatees’ docile, friendly nature, many people are fascinated with these large aquatic mammals. Many tourists head down to Florida annually just so that they can get up close to the manatees. Some adventurous folks actually go swimming or snorkeling with them.

It is worth mentioning that because manatees are slow swimmers, they are often hit by speed boats. In fact, boating collisions account for a fourth of all manatee deaths. Many manatees have been identified by the location of propeller scars that remain on their bodies after colliding with speed boats. While federal laws have been created protect manatees, they remain classified as “endangered” at the federal level.

Emily’s brief, unexpected visit with the manatee was the inspiration for our new personalized song for children called “You and Me and a Manatee.” This moderately happy, folk song tends to depict the heart and soul of taking a swim with these gentle animals. It was just the right addition to our album of personalized music for children called Sea Animal Adventures. We were very happy with the way this song turned out, and it is perhaps the most memorable song on the CD.

We would love for you to listen to “You and Me and a Manatee.” Simply visit us at ChildsPlayMusic and listen to our personalized children’s music CD. We look forward to seeing you there!

Copyright 2010, Ty Curtis