“Writing; An Important Part Of Who I Am” by Ty Curtis

I enjoy writing. I enjoy seeing my thoughts come together and fill up a page. There is something about composing that is both challenging and rewarding, and I like both of those things. One of the neat things about composing is that it transcends time. How cool is that! I can write a story and leave it behind, and someone can read it a hundred years later; just like those writers before us who have written great tales or documents that have stood a test of time.

Writing can also be good therapy. When I list my life’s challenges down on paper, I get a different perspective of them. Somehow they seem a little more manageable when I can see them all written out on one page.

Writing can be used to reconnect with old friends from the past. I love how social networking has brought about fresh opportunities to make new friends and keep up with old acquaintances. Five years ago (at the time of this writing) that would have been almost impossible. Now, maintaining contact with old friends is easy.

Writing allows me to express myself artistically. I can weave words into personalized children’s songs that may be sung by my grandchildren’s grandchildren. The words will give them a chance to get a look into my creative thoughts, and the music will paint the words with vivid emotions. It’s kind of neat to think that my grandchild could fall asleep listening to lullabies written by their granddad. Perhaps one of my songs will even cause them to smile long after they are adults.

Writing gives me the privilege to inspire others to worship. Nothing gives me more pleasure than writing songs of worship that encourage others to walk more closely with their Creator. What a privilege it is to create songs of praise and gratitude for the blessings that have fallen on us from a loving heavenly Father. I sincerely feel that nothing could have more value than helping a neighbor build their faith and connect with the love of God. Writing helps me accomplish this.

Writing is contagious, and in these times of advanced technology anyone can take part in expressing themselves in writing. And they should. We have writing tools today that our grandparents couldn’t have imagined. Every computer is equipped with a spell checker that will spell difficult words for us. Built-in document checkers help catch grammatical mistakes and even offer solutions when we make miscues. These tools take lot of the boring work out of writing, and leave us with the simple challenge to express what’s on our minds.

Yes, I guess you could say that I am really into writing. It fulfills a lot of the needs in me to be creative. I think it’s a blast, and I really have fun with it. Maybe you can have fun with it too. Try it for yourself.

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