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“‘Seahorse’ A Rocking, Musical Fantasy Under The Sea” By Ty Curtis

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Ty Curtis

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit the animals of the sea? Well saddle up that seahorse because we’re going on a Sea Animal Adventure. Sound like fun? Well there’s more. We could gallop along the ocean plains as we explore the deep blue sea. We could swim through sunken pirate ships, and then jump the coral reefs. We’ll hear the cool blue waves overhead as they rush to the shore. And down here on the ocean range we’ve got our friends; who could ask for more. Yippee ki-yay! With my seahorse, I’ll gallop the plains of the sea. And all my good friends can gallop with me.

How’s that for imaginary fun? Well that is gist of our personalized child’s song called “Seahorse.” It is the first song of our album of personalized children’s music called Sea Animal Adventures. “Seahorse” is an exciting song. This musical production was recorded with a full band of impressive musicians. The Hammond B3 organ rakes many times during the song to suggest the breaking waves of the sea. The melody of this song has the feel of a classic rock song with a softer edge for children. While I was writing this song, I found myself including typical words that are associated with horses and cowboys. I used words like saddle, gallop, and jump. What I found to be really cool was that many features of the ocean floor had names that would work superbly within the song. The ocean has plains and ranges. It has rifts and ridges. Those are all words that could be used to describe the geographic details of the western United States. The imagery was wonderful for this song. I included a few more descriptive details like kicking sand up off the bottom, and leaving hoof prints on the turf. Once the song was completed, all that was left to be added was the imagination of a child. Then we had just the right ingredients for an exciting, musical fantasy.

“Seahorse” was the ideal kickoff song for our personalized children’s music CD. Children naturally love fantasy stories. In this song we have taken fantasy and combined it with the names of children which are included throughout the song. The outcome was incredible.

The daddy / daughter vocal duo of Ty and Emily Curtis worked well for this song, as well as for the other melodies on the Sea Animal Adventures CD. Emily’s youthful voice provided a rich tapestry of background vocals throughout the song, while dad laid down the main vocal track. Sometimes you can feel it in the studio when the music is turning out well. This was definitely one of those times.

You can hear “Seahorse” for yourself when you visit us at ChildsPlayMusic. We think you’ll agree that it is a great inexpensive gift for the children in your life. Come see us today!

“You and Me and a Manatee” by Ty Curtis

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Ty Curtis

It was long days of summer at Garden City Beach, South Carolina. Sixteen-year-old Emily Curtis had gone on vacation there with her friend, Avery Ivey. One morning while she was there, Emily walked down to the small dock behind the house. As she sat there taking in the peaceful sights and sounds of the marsh, something very unexpected happened. An animal about the size of a couch came to the top of the water about five feet away from her. The brownish-gray animal blew out, took a deep breath in, and then disappeared almost as quickly as it came. Startled, Emily scurried 20 yards before she began to realize what had just happened. She had encountered a curious, friendly manatee. She was so thrilled about what had happened that she called to tell me about it.

What Emily had just witnessed that day was a pretty uncommon occurrence. Although manatees inhabit South Carolina, they usually are more often seen in the southern coastal parts of the state. Manatees typically inhabit warm, shallow, coastal rivers and creeks. They can live in fresh or salt water. They are herbivores, and they eat many different types of plants and algae. A mature manatee will regularly eat up to 150 lbs of plants each day. The rivers in the northern part of South Carolina can get chilly in the winter, slowing the growth of food for the Manatees. That’s the reason you will find more manatees inhabiting the warmer rivers of Florida.

Because of the Manatees’ docile, friendly nature, many people are fascinated with these large aquatic mammals. Many tourists head down to Florida annually just so that they can get up close to the manatees. Some adventurous folks actually go swimming or snorkeling with them.

It is worth mentioning that because manatees are slow swimmers, they are often hit by speed boats. In fact, boating collisions account for a fourth of all manatee deaths. Many manatees have been identified by the location of propeller scars that remain on their bodies after colliding with speed boats. While federal laws have been created protect manatees, they remain classified as “endangered” at the federal level.

Emily’s brief, unexpected visit with the manatee was the inspiration for our new personalized song for children called “You and Me and a Manatee.” This moderately happy, folk song tends to depict the heart and soul of taking a swim with these gentle animals. It was just the right addition to our album of personalized music for children called Sea Animal Adventures. We were very happy with the way this song turned out, and it is perhaps the most memorable song on the CD.

We would love for you to listen to “You and Me and a Manatee.” Simply visit us at ChildsPlayMusic and listen to our personalized children’s music CD. We look forward to seeing you there!

Copyright 2010, Ty Curtis

“‘Danny The Dancing Dolphin’ – The Playful, Thriller Of The Seas” by Ty Curtis

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Ty Curtis

The dolphin is the perhaps the most amusing animal in the sea. In their ocean environment they are just as intelligent as they are spectacular to watch. They sometimes leap into the air above the water’s surface, performing acrobatic feats. Using their special sense of echo location, they can zip through dark water with great speed, fully aware of their surroundings.

Dolphins are very playful animals. They play with other dolphins acting as if they are fighting; sort of like two kids rough-housing. Sometimes they seem to enjoy harassing other sea animals. They have been known to nose sea turtles along as they easily out swim this sea neighbor. They also will occasionally bug seagulls for no apparent reason other than for amusement. At times, they have been known to playfully interact with people who are swimming. Dolphins can be found in all of the oceans, and are regulars to beaches where people enjoy boating and swimming. Because they are found in so many places, they are easily identified by people from every culture.

Dolphins are envied by water sports enthusiasts. They effortlessly surf waves at sea, and at times those waves are enormous. They often swim in the bow waves created by large boats, leaping out of the waves’ crest for no other reason than having fun. They are indeed amazing creatures. That is why they have starred in countless television series and movies. Some such as “Flipper” are a common household name.

When Ty Curtis composed the song “Danny the Dancing Dolphin,” one of the songs from his personalized children’s CD, Sea Animal Adventures, he knew it would call up exciting images of the life of a dolphin. As he did in his other songs about sea animals, Curtis brought human qualities to this good-natured sea creature, and portrayed it as a friend. There is also a very well-thought up rhyme scheme in the lyrics. In this song, Danny is a dancing spectacle: Well he’s grinning’ ear to ear, swimmin’ circles near the pier; he does the cha cha on the waves. And when he takes a notion, he races to the ocean, and that’s where he’s really the rave. All the little dolphins start to squeaking and a squawking when Danny starts to flapping his tail. And all the other creatures say he’s really quite the feature; even Little Baby Bella Blue Whale. By infusing alliteration to this up-tempo song, Curtis made sure that it would stay on the mind of any child who hears it. Curtis likes to use plenty of literary tools when he writes a song. He feels that children need to be exposed to high quality lyrics, and he wants parents to know that when they let their children listen to personalized children’s music from ChildsPlayMusic, they are exposing them to high quality music and lyrics that are child-tested several times before being recorded.