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Seagulls by Ty Curtis

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010


flock of seagulls at the beach

Seagulls at the beach

Floating through the salty wind, gliding with such ease, just above the sand dunes and the foamy rolling sea, we can hear the big waves crash as they reach the shore, churning up that sandy beach where there’s so much to explore. And we’re flying like the seagulls through the air. Feel the golden sunshine bouncing off our hair. Me and my friend Chase; well we haven’t got a care. We’re flying like a seagull in the air.

These are a few of the words that make up our personalized kid’s song called “Seagull.” The inspiration for this song didn’t come from one single event as did some of our other songs. This song came from several experiences over the years while living near the water. I have had many encounters with seagulls. Some of them were really quite funny.

I remember one sunny morning when I was a child, I was walking along an empty stretch of beach at Debordieu Beach, just beyond the south inlet of Pawley’s Island. It was the latter part of spring. Suddenly I became the target of a swarm of angry seagulls. They were diving down on me from all directions, just missing me with each swoop. I later found out that I had wandered into their nesting grounds. I didn’t know at the time that they lay their eggs on the warm sand. It didn’t take long for me to find my way away from them.

Another seagull encounter happened when some friends and I were taking a boat ride across the Charleston harbor. The sun had just started to drop down near the horizon. As we cruised over the peaceful swells of the harbor, an old shrimp boat was coming in from the sea with their catch in the hold. As we passed the large vessel we could see the deckhands cleaning up and tossing things back into the water. That old boat was surrounded by a swarm of clamoring seagulls. Some were flying in circles around the shrimpers as others dove into the water to gobble up what was being returned to the sea. It was a very peaceful and defining sight; one that you might see on a Charleston postcard. Little did I know at the time, but this scene would find its way onto my album of personalized music for kids called Sea Animal Adventures.

This acoustic song was written with peaceful images of free-flying seagulls at sunset. We intentionally placed the song near the conclusion of the album. We did this because many children who listen to this CD use it for bedtime music. We placed all of the relaxing songs near the end of the CD so that it would have a lullaby-like quality.

You can listen to “Seagulls” today. Just click the the audio clip when you visit our music samples page. While you are there listen to some of the other music samples from our kid’s personalized music CD. We think you will enjoy what you hear!

“‘Seahorse’ A Rocking, Musical Fantasy Under The Sea” By Ty Curtis

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Ty Curtis

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit the animals of the sea? Well saddle up that seahorse because we’re going on a Sea Animal Adventure. Sound like fun? Well there’s more. We could gallop along the ocean plains as we explore the deep blue sea. We could swim through sunken pirate ships, and then jump the coral reefs. We’ll hear the cool blue waves overhead as they rush to the shore. And down here on the ocean range we’ve got our friends; who could ask for more. Yippee ki-yay! With my seahorse, I’ll gallop the plains of the sea. And all my good friends can gallop with me.

How’s that for imaginary fun? Well that is gist of our personalized child’s song called “Seahorse.” It is the first song of our album of personalized children’s music called Sea Animal Adventures. “Seahorse” is an exciting song. This musical production was recorded with a full band of impressive musicians. The Hammond B3 organ rakes many times during the song to suggest the breaking waves of the sea. The melody of this song has the feel of a classic rock song with a softer edge for children. While I was writing this song, I found myself including typical words that are associated with horses and cowboys. I used words like saddle, gallop, and jump. What I found to be really cool was that many features of the ocean floor had names that would work superbly within the song. The ocean has plains and ranges. It has rifts and ridges. Those are all words that could be used to describe the geographic details of the western United States. The imagery was wonderful for this song. I included a few more descriptive details like kicking sand up off the bottom, and leaving hoof prints on the turf. Once the song was completed, all that was left to be added was the imagination of a child. Then we had just the right ingredients for an exciting, musical fantasy.

“Seahorse” was the ideal kickoff song for our personalized children’s music CD. Children naturally love fantasy stories. In this song we have taken fantasy and combined it with the names of children which are included throughout the song. The outcome was incredible.

The daddy / daughter vocal duo of Ty and Emily Curtis worked well for this song, as well as for the other melodies on the Sea Animal Adventures CD. Emily’s youthful voice provided a rich tapestry of background vocals throughout the song, while dad laid down the main vocal track. Sometimes you can feel it in the studio when the music is turning out well. This was definitely one of those times.

You can hear “Seahorse” for yourself when you visit us at ChildsPlayMusic. We think you’ll agree that it is a great inexpensive gift for the children in your life. Come see us today!